Heather Hunter

My dear Thomas,
How do I put into words how important a role you have played in the lives of my boys???
How do I thank you for this now???
But I don’t have to say anything.You knew, because you were there on Thursday May 8th when we needed you – you were there I know!
As I know that my talents lie more in the field of apple pie baking than writing poetry, I make no apology in sending these words From ”The Prophet ” by Kahlil Gibran to all of your friends reading this, in the hope it may help them bear the sorrow at your far too early departure from this world –

When you are joyous,
Look deep into your heart
And you shall find
It is only that which has given you sorrow
Is giving you joy.

When you are sorrowful,
Look again in your heart,
And you shall see that in truth
You are weeping for that
Which has been your delight.

Exhilerating excursions Thomas!
love and thanks from Heather.